Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hi guys, just been on a really nice camping trip lately, one which I have been wanting to do for a long time but never really had opportunity to. Bleaklow, is one place I wanted to visit for a very long time, probably nearly 2 yrs coming. The reason is when I looked at the photos I could find, on the net or from other people’s blog, looked like something out of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Lost World’. As well there is the crash site of the B29, which I have heard so much of.

Now then I took Friday off to drive to the Park house campsite, at Monsal, as if I wanted to get there by 6pm to pitch my tent. So I drove to my friend’s place, Mehdi during the afternoon and then off we drove. It’s always nice to be driving on these windy roads and beautiful scenery.  We arrived at the campsite at 6PM plus that evening and the weather was not really good..

After pitching off we went with Mike and Andy to the pub for some nice dinner but as well some nice Apple Juice. We had a couple of pints and some nice grub that night plus, we had some weirdo joining our table, or if I may say forcing himself upon us. Luckily with a bit of persuasion from Mike and our mutual silence, we managed to force him away. Next day, we got up early and notice that the weather was not that great, but still were spoilt with a nice scenery: 
Saturday morning

So after breakfast, we drove off to Bleaklow, and the weather was still holding up. But arriving at Bleaklow I could feel the wind cutting through my clothes, we decided that it would be better to wear our waterproof over trousers (well Mehdi and Chris did not, god knows how they managed):
Beginning of the walk
 Off we went and I could see why the area is called Bleaklow, well it is bleak, but still beautiful:
Bogs everywhere!!
 We continued our way following the path, while getting 'Bleaklowed' at times!! This of course did not detract us from the beauty of this place and it kind of reminded me of the the Depeche Mode song ' Enjoy the Silence' :
Beautiful alien landscape!
Mike, Chris (aka the man who was never there) and Andy
Soon we arrived to the top and took some photos and some rest as well:
Kissing Stones
Soon after we reached the place I 've been longing to see, the B29 crash site and I was not to be disappointed as it was as impressive as in photos, from the web. It was an impressive site as well as a sad, putting life in perspective, it was quite a humbling experience:
Piston engine
Landing gear and tire
Mike checking the chill factor.

 After that we decided to have a lunch break, shielded from the wind , for like 30 mins and then decided to get back to the car. We soon arrived at the car and sat down for a bit to chill out and to get our boots of and gear off. Soon it was time to part ways with Chris and for us to get back to camp to clean up, then go in search of a pub for a nice meal and pints of "Apple Juice".
Saturday evening sunset
We all had a good time that evening, couple of pints of Apple Juice, well me and Andy, while Mike was enjoying his lager and Mehdi being a non-drinker a lemonade, nice meals and a good banter. I must say I had a fantastic time with the guys and a very big thank you to Mike for organising this trip.

Sunday Morning!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Windows 8 installation

Finally I decided to format my C drive and install Windows 8 Enterprise version. I must say it was quite a lengthy process as it involved backing up  my profile and the system image just in case I wanted to go back to Win 7. It was pretty easy to install and most of the drivers were generic, only some of the hardware needed to have their drivers downloaded. Well so far I'm quite excited and it looks more stable and seemingly faster. But the layout still takes time to get use to. Well we'll see how I feel in about a couple of months time.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Why this blog?

Hi there, I just wanted to start this blog, mainly for fun, but as well because I haven't met any ethnic people wild camping and trekking during my trips. Saying that I just want to post my trip and photos, basically more like a diary.